Friday, December 21, 2012

Once upon a time, I lived in a tiny shoebox in the East Village and dreamed of a variety of outcomes of my life. This was after years of work to get to that tiny shoebox, to even think I could dream those dreams. I started writing this blog when I was a bartender, growing bitter about the rent.

The Mayan Calendar was wrong; no one knows what will happen. I like to think that the best outcome is something I can't even dream of, a goal that is yet unnamed. My childhood best friend would say,"Go where the day takes you."

But today, something else happened. 

It's not my favorite piece of writing. The editor had a way with some of the words, a snappy bedazzlement of the fonts, boldface, italics, and a peppering of phrases that I'd never repeat. 
But it's the first one. 

That's the best part. There will be more. And life will continue to make more things, that I could never have imagined happening, happen.