Saturday, November 10, 2007

where have I been??

Oh hello there.

Me? Oh, not much. What have you been doing?

Huh. That sounds like a lot of drama.

Yeah, no. Nothing really happening over here. I had a birthday party.

Thanks. Yeah, 27. It was lots of fun.

Oh, ha. A whole bowl of punch. Well, I can still feel young even if I'm looking towards thirty.

This? Yeah, it's a Macbook pro. I got it because I need it for editing photos of my paintings for scholarship applications and a few other applications. Besides, next year I'll be going back and forth from studio to home, and taking notes in class, so I need one. It's really sweet.

Yup. still writing the column.

Oh, yeah, the fantasy football team isn't doing so well. I blame Marvin Harrison and Frank Gore, but really I can only blame myself.

Ninth place. I guess they were right about past performance not reflecting future performance. It worries me about the stock market.

Did you see that all of canada is rich now? I guess they had it coming- good Karma and all. And well, we're not coming back. But my canadian friends are super stoked. It's like all of the US went on 50% sale all the sudden.

Maybe if we get a democratic president. That's our only hope. It's a shred of hope really. The american market is crashing and no one is quite getting it. But it's gonna be a bad one.

Yeah, totally. Hey it was nice catching up.

Totally, I'll post the columns I've written since before. Oh yeah, no word on syndication yet, but my fingers are still crossed. I'll get to posting that all soon.

Ok. You gotta go. Good luck with all that crazy stuff. I'm just working on applications and things, but I'll see you soon.

Oh yeah, I'm definitely still at the bar on thursdays, fridays, and saturdays. Cal Bears game tonight. It's gonna be fun.

*mwah* later.