Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fantasy football? um, yeah.

So for those of you who are keeping track of my recent forays into pop culture, you might have noticed that I joined the fantasy football league at the bar.

Despite the jarring remarks from the bartender who is winning the fantasy baseball league, and proclaims my imminent defeat in the football league, I think I have a decent team.

The draft was like taking an exam for a class I never took. But the five hours of cramming didn't kill me, and I kinda knew what I was doing for a while. Certainly whenever I figured out who I wanted next, someone else picked him before it was my turn.

For you pro's who want to give me some advice, here's my rooster. I was draft pick six.
Otherwise, watch and learn.

Pos. Rd. player nfl team

QB 4 Tony Romo Dallas

RB 1 Frank Gore SF
RB 3 Marshawn Lynch Buf *he was on the cal bears last year, and I trust him to win
RB 10 Brandon Jackson GB *at this point I needed players without a bye on wk.6
RB 14 Garrett Wolfe CHI *and I needed atleast one bear.

WR 2 Marvin Harrison IND
WR 5 Deion Branch SEA
WR 6 Chris Chambers Miami
WR 4 Brandon Marshall DEN *he's my best pick for a sleeper
WR 13 Eric Moulds Tenn *this was a rash pick, and likely to be traded soon
WR 15 Troy Williams Minn *I was tired by now.

TE 7 Alge Crumpler ATL *Dirty south, and what a name, and stats to boot!
TE 12 Owen Daniels Hou

K 9 Jeff Wilkins STL

And my defense is currently the cowboys, who I picked last. The peer value ratio didn't differ much when I was digging out defenses. I'm not too worried, I can change them out if I need to.

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