Tuesday, September 4, 2007

blue plate special.

Labor day I woke up hungry. Never the fool, I went to via della pace for brunch, on the corner of 7th street and 2nd ave.
Who did I see there?
James Van der Beek from Dawson's creek.

Mostly my bf was just annoyed that I pulled my phone out during brunch. Whatever.
If you're gonna live in nyc, you're not gonna care about seeing celebs, but if you write a blog, you are.

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Kate said...

When I lived there, I kept a running mental list. It was sort of like birdwatching.

I saw a Barbra Streisand (visited my freshman English class to observe my prof for a role). Glimpsed a That Woman Who was Married to Mel Brooks and Starred as Mrs. Robinson but I Forget Her Name and She Died a Couple of Years Ago (walking on Fifth Avenue, with big sunglasses on.)

It's all in good fun.

Catch me a Hayden Christensen, huh?