Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A short recap on the last few weeks

For those of you who still read this because you wonder about me, not the fake ID's or the advice columns- though I should hope you like those too, because they're both funny- here's a bit about what's been going on:

There have been visitors.

A long lost friend from china, returned with his lovely girlfriend to declare that he's not a spy, but does miss the beer. I definitely didn't get enough time in on this trip, but hopefully there will be more trips.

My oldest friend and her husband came to town, like a grounding stone of my youth, reminding me what I should expect from people, because the ones I truly love tend to deliver.

Someone invited some personal demons into my safe place. - I'm not over reacting, just reacting, and not pandering to unapologetic and patronizing excuses.

My therapist (having one is normal for new yorkers, so don't freak out if you're not from around here) left town, making everything a little bit harder.

My phone died. Kapow. For no reason. I got a blackberry and have been trying to make the little box work all day, instead ended up playing bricks- some souped up version of my favorite game, arcanoid. oh arcanoid, I missed you too.

I've been studying for my food protection certification exam. Which means cleaning the kitchen with bleach a lot, and memorizing the names of disgusting bacteria that can be in the food of any kitchen. Sure, this is TOTALLY necessary for bartenders- not just a ploy for the health department to make a few hundred bucks off us. gross. It's curbing my "try new restaurants" feeling.

My painting is still at Apex art (see post below) and the bidding is up to $90. Feel free to check it out online here, and bid on it. (It's about 1100 under what I sell them for, so go at it.)

Someone called me who saw the work at the show and wanted to see more work. But due to some rain and I guess busy?, he hasn't arrived as promised. I'm holding out hope on this one, and J is stoked that I cleaned the apartment.

A good friend of mine decided to leave the downtown performance art culture (of which he was king) to become a ranch hand in texas. It's not as surprising as it sounds; he's good with guns, ropes, and gross things- he'll be great at it, but I'll miss him.

Another friend finished his summer "I'm 27 but somehow still an" internship, and will be departing back to california. Sadness at happy hour on that one.

I continue to be in the endless negotiating of assigning my bklyn lease. Fingers crossed.

J has become the supreme ultimate producer of many shapes, sizes, and varieties of ice. oh, we got ice. Our drinks are cold.

I've been watching a lot of TV. Highlights include: SHARK WEEK!, an hour long special on wolverines in finland near russia, my dark love-army wives, endless repeats of startrek tng, some movies off ifc, and love it but never leave it- hours of random lifetime television. oh my demise.

Perhaps when september comes, my sanity will return. one can only hope.
Til then, I'll be at the bar. Or home, basking in the cold with my friend Mr. Icebox, aka, the air conditioner.

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kinda useless said...

i love you rachel! glad to hear you got to see jarreau (i am very jealous) and that things seem to be going fairly well otherwise.