Monday, June 25, 2007

low brow

Saturday night at the sports bar, a regular from another season came in a bit tipsy. (The sports bar has about ten sets of regulars, who are led by the seasonal cycles of their teams' schedules.) She had been at the A's game, which to many New Yorker's was known as the Mets game.

The lesson she had learned, with several other Californian transplants in Shea Stadium, was a use of language.

"Maybe" she said, "is a word that can be used in new york like no where else. I can use it to emphasize hating the exact thing that I'm proposing." She described how the eight dudes from Brooklyn in the row in front of her all night long had explored the possibilities of the word maybe.

Their usage:
"Maybe the A's got a hit. Maybe you can go f*ck yourself."

Her usage:
"Maybe the Mets won. Maybe you can go f*ck yourself."

also, somewhat more sheepishly:
"Maybe I give a sh*t. Maybe you can go f*ck yourself."

It's a great way to be angry, and still express your defensive and somewhat sensitive side.
Try it, go on. Try it. It's a sports bar, you can say anything you'd like.

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erin said...

Maybe you should come to Austin.... wait... you SHOULD come to Austin! :) I miss you.