Tuesday, May 15, 2007

While I'm waiting...

So the original post #5 has another week and a half until it can return. When it does I'm going to blur out the pertinent information, via an agreement I made with the girl who filed the DMCA.
I'm not obfuscating the info because I think she has rights to the image, info, or signature, but because I hope she wouldn't get the same kind of crazy responses from strangers that I've been dealing with for a week.

I'm still sorting through a few pages of emails that I've received in the last week about this whole ordeal. Many people have written to me with interesting stories about their troubles in the service industry, their support for my blog and its humor - I think these people are amazing and funny. The bar was flooded this weekend with people eager to show their IDs and talk about the misuse of the DMCA and local community politics. Commendable that you would all show up in the real world to talk about something you care about on the internet.

Also, I have received some terribly threatening emails, citing how vindictive they think I am for my posting of fake ID's online. And true, maybe I've inadvertently enabled the theft of fake personalities - if the underage drinkers cared about themselves, they wouldn't have their real information on these fake ID's.

Maybe the readers who wrote to me so venomously should direct the same fury at every bar that posts their confiscated fakes on the front door glass or over the bar, perhaps they should lobby for the drinking age to change. Or maybe the consequences of making fraudulent government documents should be taken more seriously. I find it intriguing that they were more concerned about the misuse of false information than the production of rather convincing fake documents.

Also, I found that as a whole, the people who were in support of my blog and its contents were much better spellers than those who declared their hatred for me.

Would this whole discussion be different if the girl in question wasn't a white girl from Iowa but perhaps someone who looked more like the image below? What if the ID holder wasn't going to use the ID to buy alcohol but maybe ... guns? or go to flight school?

Either way, the DMCA shouldn't protect criminals, of any rank, race, age, or intention. And yes, I will continue to post on this blog any fake ID's I confiscate. Not because I want to publicly shame "innocent" criminal underage drinkers, but because I like writing up the accounts that go with them. And there are a few hundred people who seem to enjoy reading them and hearing about my sometimes zany life and opinions.

For those of you who are interested, I've also been given the opportunity to write an advice column for a newspaper. Please feel free to comment or email me your (non-fake ID and non-DMCA) questions, in dear Abby style format.



MS said...

ha ha ha!

Rachel said...

Oh I forgot to mention: anyone who wants a limited edition print of my entire fake ID collection, paypal me ten dollars and it'll be on your doorstep in a week or so. (Everyone who's sent me paypal donations thus far will receive one too.) That WILL BE a work of art.


Jon Stanley said...

What about those of us who are regular patrons at the bar? Can we bring ten bucks and get instant gratification? :-)

findingashley said...

I think people here are under the impression that I apologized for filing a DMCA stating that I hold the rights to a photograph I took and my signature.

Let it be known that I did not apologize for that. I simply apologized for the fact that this situation had become such a spectacle.

The agreement that was reached to obscure the images, address, signature and name materialzed when we both decided that a legal battle wouldn't be beneficial for either of us.

Alioth said...

OK, you've touched a hot button with me. When people who normally write cogent, insightful articles start invoking terrorism FUD and talking about 'flight school' as it it's something dangerous and terrifying, it's ... well, a bit of an unhappy sign. The terrorists are winning.

In free countries, like Britain, we don't have to show ID if we want to take a trial flying lesson and find out about the beauty of flight. It's certainly not mentioned in the same sentence as buying deadly weapons. We are certainly not treated like criminals or potential terrorists. You may cite September 11th all you like - but making people go through a background check to start flying lessons will not stop another Sept. 11th. All it will do is discourage people from taking up flying.

A light aircraft, when it hits a building, will break a couple of windows. A light aircraft doesn't have the payload to carry significant amount of "bad things" like bombs. Yet you can rent a truck (already used to destroy the federal building in OK City) with nothing more than a cursory look at a drivers license. Yet anyone interested in light aircraft in the United States is now under criminal suspicion - even though the attacks were carried out using _airliners_. Light aviation was restricted for months after the attack, but the weapons used for the attack (airliners) were allowed back into the skies two days later. Perhaps because airlines are owned by moneyed businesses, and light aircraft by individuals who don't have any clout with politicians.

The terrorists generally don't use fake ID. The July 7th bombers in London were all identified very quickly after the attack - because they were carrying their own legitimate credit cards, and their own legitimate drivers license.

Why do we have to invoke terrorism like this to cap off any debate? All it results in is our freedoms being taken away. They've taken away significant freedoms from those of us who fly light aircraft, and imposed significant (useless) bureaucracy that will do nothing to slow terrorism. The sheep-like public goes along with it because they don't like those "rich flyboys" anyway (rich? I'm a postal worker! Really! While flying is an expensive sport, those of us who love aviation with a passion can find ways to afford it on normal incomes).

Please, don't fall for the constant stream of 'terror, terror, terror'. Especially please don't compare the joy of flight with buying guns.

kinda useless said...

haha, ashley reads your blog. that's awesome.

pwoodford said...

no wonder the bar lady carefully studied my ID and didn't seem to see the amusing side of me quickly flicking my ID over... In most of the world, when it's obvious to see that someone is well in their 30s, ID isn't requested or inspected... oh well good luck with 'your' & 'their' 'art' & 'ID' collection.


jon said...

If a terrorist did purchase an ID of that quality, it would put his anonymity in jeopardy rather than securing it.