Monday, May 21, 2007

Long long weekend.

All weekend I kept waiting for the next awesome fake ID to arrive, but sadly, with school out for summer, no little creeps came into the bar. For everyone who is holding their breath to see if I'm going to post another, take a halftime breathing break ok? Or go read this funniest-since-dinosaur-comic comic.

Meanwhile, I got an air conditioner for the other room. I decided that I hate losing all the light to those awful, gray, never-clean window "wings" that the a/c unit comes with. So I did what all heliotropic fix-it nerds would do, I didn't install them. Instead I made the obvious choice of buying a piece of plexi-glass to fit the missing space's dimensions. I put the weather stripping in the window jamb, between the parting bead and the inside stop, then nestled the plexi into that cushion and closed the window to the height of the a/c and the plexi. To finish it off, I taped the edge of the plexi to the a/c and to the bottom of the sash, with white and black tape respectively.

Now we get air conditioning with the great bonus feature of light. Hurrah!

I know, the window is dirty. One thing at a time, people.

Also, I'm still looking for folks to email me questions to respond to in my sample advice column for a fabulous alt-weekly in georgia. So if you have any need for advice that doesn't define you as a new yorker, please comment them to me or email me as soon as possible. Thanks!

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lucy said...

Hey! This is Lucy of bar-patron fame. I just wanted to say that my bangin' bangs are a testament to your excellent advice-giving. I'm sure that I will have more "Is it ok to eat this?" and "Should I applaud after my roommate beatboxes while peeing with the door open?" questions in short order.