Thursday, May 31, 2007

The infamous fake ID page is back up.

The fake ID page which was DMCA'd is back up.

Click here to see it.

Other amusing or well-written links to this issue lately have included

Talking Law School Blues

John Sterni

This one

Ian's Blog

if you've linked me to your site, let me know. Thanks!


ShadowFalls said...

Hehe, I know you tried to censor out the name, but her leaving a comment there that says her full name kind of defeats the purpose...

Ian said...


I changed my blog software over the weekend, and changed the post URL:

Thanks for the link!


Golddess said...

So that's what it looks like...

I remember having a license that looked kinda like that, I got it in 2004.

Then in mid-2005 I had to get a new license as I'd just passed motorcycle classes. It looks completely different now.

Unless the MVA routinely reuses old styles, that could have been another clue as the license issue date is late-2006.

The 4-year expiration also seems a little odd too, as I thought it was 5 years, but that could vary from state to state.

I disagree with the drinking laws, but it is the law and any attempts at reform should be brought through the appropriate channels. Keep up the good work.