Thursday, May 10, 2007

counter notification received.. waiting..

To whomever is concerned,
Google sent me this today, so when it goes through, my original post can return.

Hello Rachel,

We have received your DMCA counter notification dated 5/9/07 regarding As described in 17 U.S.C. 512(g), we will forward the counter notification to the complainant. If we do not receive notice from the complainant that he has brought an action in the district court within 14 days, we will reinstate the material in question on Blogger. We appreciate your patience in this process.

The Blogger Team

Also, for those of you who are wondering about any other press this is getting, check out this article in plagiarism today. I don't agree with all of it, but it brings up some interesting questions about the DMCA and copyright restrictions.

I'd like to wish a warm thank you to the folks from that came out to the bar tonight for cheese night. The omission of pitchforks and torches was much appreciated. Anyone else who would like to talk about all this and is in the Lower Manhattan Area, feel free to come by the Burp Castle on friday night. I'll be there pulling pints as usual.

write soon,


Jonathan said...

From your regular who likes to make up his own bill. :)

That is a nice thing to see. Free speech should not be curtailed.

She overstepped the bounds of appropriateness, and I think you deserve to repost.

There is no way that she will file a complaint. But we will see, right?

Cheese night was great, thank you J.

Keep up the good fight, R. I'll see you soon.

ciaran said...

Thanks for the update.

Made any money from the paypal link yet?

Amigo-Tre said...

Rachel--keep fighting the power and don't let the man get you down! I hope your newly realized celebrity status doesn't blow up the castle spot too hard...we'll all have to push through throngs of autograph seekers to get a sip of something good! Meanwhile, whilst you're busy fanning the fires of nerd curiosity online, don't forget to allow for time to snack on some piccante gorgonzola...
Great seeing you and meeting your friends last night...! D.

Rachel said...

Hey awesome dudes!

actually I did get a few tips on the paypal button. Hopefully I won't have a terrible legal battle, we'll see. But either way, I'm making up a flat sheet print of my fake collection and I'll send it with a thank you card to whomever donates a couple dollars or more.

man, piccante gorgonzola? that cheese man is a genius.

Al Iverson said...

Glad you're standing up for yourself. You should repost this woman's name and information; even if the image/signature is copyrighted, that information certainly isn't.