Saturday, May 26, 2007


There's a series of essays by Roland Barthes, published in English translation in the Hopkins' Press book On Signs. Having read these daily writings from Barthes when I was in school, I've always dreamed of writing similar columns in my own life. I guess I think about blogs as being less public sorts of that type of work.

Barthes wrote, "But suppose there were also minor events whose tenuity none the less does not fail to invovle meaning, to deesignate what is not well with the world? In short, suppose one were gradually and patiently to be concerned with transforming the grid of intensities?"

I too will write of the small world, and it's immensities. But not exclusively on my blog anymore, as I am writing an advice column for the Statesboro Herald in Georia, and have been asked to submit some works for a few other websites (which I will name only after they've accepted my works. hopefully)

But how exciting! I will, of course, continue to write here as well.

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