Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Oh New York Times, you are so right on! Despite my undying love for chocolate, I hate Max Brenner. I think the restaurant totally sucks. Their service is bad, they have many managers yet not a single waiter who can serve food right. Three times I've tried, and three times they've failed me. Their food pales to any good food made with chocolate-- try for instance the chocolate sandwich at Diner in Williamsburg-- Diner knows how to take good bread and good chocolate and make a delightful sandwich of them-- but no I will not each lunch with Max again.

This article, New York Times, was almost as harsh as I wanted it to be.

If you want some chocolate, New Yorkers, try Kee's Chocolates on Thompson just south of Spring street. Best in the whole city, if not the world, and given the stamp of indulgent approval by me, and my balding foodie boyfriend, and trust me, you can taste the difference. Below is an elaboration of that suggestion, and two others.

Chikalicious Dessert Bar
on 10th street between 1st and 2nd

possibly the dantyest place ever. three course dessert prix fix for 12$ handmade by gorgeous chef in front of you. Also, matching wine for 7$ more.
The pettifours were amazing. the applesoup with ice cream was delicious. I went for the cheesecake, which was served in a bowl of milk? placed in a much larger bowl of crushed ice to keep it all chilled. I like extra dishes. Jerrbear got a chocolate tart like thing with peppercorn ice cream. It also tasted as amazing as it's presentation.
Perfect for, in our case, an anniversary dessert during a month that involves christmas shopping, a birthday, and grad school applications.

Wattleseed Ice Cream.
Available from Vosgues which has a store in soho, where a counter full of absolutely gorgeous model type ice cream store employees will sell you a small cup for 3.75.
This is the best ice cream you will ever have.
And apparently this stuff grows wild in austrailia, which is likely the actual land of milk and honey, if it really grows wild there. Wattleseed explains why the aboriginal people never needed to have more complciated civilizations, because being civilized has few benefits, like awesome food, and they already had that.
We took my parents to try this, they were adequately amazed, by the ice cream and the ladies who sold it.
(recently I've found it in the new bowery whole foods too.)

Kee's Chocolate.
Go to 16 Thompson St. - jsut south of spring st
These chocolates scored a 29 on the Zagat. That means perfect. They are perfect. The green tea one and the almond one are incredible. And the rest will redefine what you think dessert should be. This ruined hersheys. This wrecked my mom's diet. This is the best chocolate in the city, and it's only 1.75 for a bon-bon. Really, you have no excuse. It's better than whatever you're eating. (Even better than chikalicious, but there's no counter to eat at, and you'll want to gorge on them where Kee won't look at you devouring her art. )


Fabian Chessell said...

I find that really funny - the Max Brenner in Sydney has just as bad service! :)

Rachel said...

Maybe it's a thing they try to replicate? It's too bad. I really like chocolate and wish there was a good chocolate restaurant in the village, instead of two bad ones.

Andrew said...

kee's is the best find ever. thanks rachel!