Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fake ID confiscation #6 #7 #8 #9

It was a warm night last night. The east village was a bit dead, but there were quite a few people in the castle. You boys must have looked in and seen a bartender serving at a quick pace to people who she didn't seem to be carding. There was no bouncer, and hell, these ID's must have set you back at least a hundred and fifty each- there was no reason not to stop in for a fancy beer in a totally "adult" kind of bar.

The reason you didn't see me ID the people before you was that I had ID'd them on their first round, and of course, their ID's were real. Peter, you were the ring leader, the courageous one, the one who could play it cool and order a round. I asked for your ID's. No problem, you handed me four ID's.

Then there was a pause. I said to you, I don't think these ID's are real. You replied, that's ridiculous, why not? They're all our real ID's.

I said, they feel wrong.

You retorted, Wrong? What are you talking about?Fine! we'll leave.
I said, ok, but I'm not giving them back to you.
What?! you replied outraged.
It's a crime to give them back to you. Sorry.
NO WAY! you have to give us our ID's back. They're real!!

This was the moment I doubted.

I asked you, Peter, where in Michigan is Armada. You said, up north. I said, where up north. You made a thumbs up gesture and yelled, UP NORTH. I replied, you're not from Michigan- anyone from Michigan would have made their hand palm toward me, and pointed where on the mitten map of Michigan the town was. Have you ever met anyone from Michigan, Peter?

If you want them back I have to call the police, and they can give them back to you if they're real.
Fine, call the cops.

So I walkie-talkie to my dude in charge to get the owner. He said the owner had left. I picked up the phone and dialed the cops. You, Pete-y, called to me over the counter with, Hey! Handshake!. And tried to bribe me with ten whole dollars.

Peter, you can't even buy some of the beers at this bar for ten dollars.

Then you, and your three friends who looked pale as sheets, as if they were about to poo in their pants at any moment, ran like baby lambs from the bar.

The cops were called off.

See despite the confusion of some readers of other posts in this blog-- I really am liable for you drinking if you have that ID. What if you came back to the bar another night, when another bartender who didn't know the difference was working? What if a cop came in to check ID's as they do in the east village, and the place where I work was caught serving to a minor? I'd have no job - my co-workers and boss would have to go to court. Do you know how many friends of mine work in this industry? Why would I possibly want you to leave you armed to endanger them and their jobs too?

Peter, drink at home. Drink on your dorm rooftop. Drink in a state that doesn't care or a bar where I don't know anyone. But don't come to my neighborhood and try to get us in trouble. You're not from here. Also, you're not from Michigan.


Anonymous said...

I just found this because you're all over the news regarding the dmca thing, but this is a great story.

molestedbyasus said...

"Peter, you can't even buy some of the beers at this bar for ten dollars."

Really? I hope that's a big beer.

Anonymous said...

Actually the U.P. doesn't look like a mitten, that's just the lower peninsula, we have two. So no, I wouldn't point to my hand since the U.P. looks more like a dead hanging rabbit.

Michael said...

Nice call - I'm curious how you knew they were fakes? I looked up Armada and its in Southeast MI - but I'm no geography.

Jeremy said...

I'd love to know which NY DMV office was open on the Sunday after New Years Eve to issue a license.

Xavier Ziemba said...

I'm from Michigan and hearing someone claim to be from "up north" is a colloquialism very common within the state. If Peter was from Michigan, I his repetition of "up north" wouldn't surprise me. Granted, "up north" doesn't exactly include Armada that proves he is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

You're not a doctor, you're a bar tender. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

At some point during my life, someone stole my ID and made fake IDs based on my information. I discovered this after finding out through the grapevine that a friend of the family saw the ID in a mandatory training course that she had to take to become a bartender. Although nothing drastic resulted from this particular instance, it took some work on my part to convince my family that I had never used a fake id (and I have no reason to lie, I'm in my late 20s now).

What's my point? The fact that you're posting these IDs with photos intact, and even worse, the names intact, is wrong. In todays society, where employers are increasingly using more and more invasive background checks to screen potential employees, it's downright irresponsible to post these IDs. I feel bad that someone had to scare you with a DMCA threat, but you don't get much sympathy from me. I would have e-mailed you in private with my personal email address, but I couldn't find your email address in an obvious location on your site.

Justin said...

hilarious post! loved it. your snarky comments are fabulous.

Max said...

I came here from slashdot.

Here in Sweden you're considered an adult when you're 18, you can then order and drink stuff at restaurants and bars. When you turn 20 you can buy everything from a store. Sure it's wrong for them to have fake ID's so very true, but in the end it will only create bad will thowards your workplace.

You're lucky you're not in Sweden since you would have to take down the ID's (if requested) based on the fact that they contain real peoples faces.

Best of luck with the studio!

Anonymous said...

I just pulled out my California ID, and the one on the bottom left is almost spot on. The top right is too red in the bottom left, but otherwise... I'm amazed you could tell.

Erik said...

It is sad that a man old enough to serve and die for his country is not old enough to buy a beer. Next time, if the ID looks real, give the man a beer. (and skip the $10 organic microbrewery dandelion flavored beer)

Jon said...

Only a troll would use their hand to show where they live.

And his ID is missing the second copy of the photo beneath the expiration date. Its also missing the hologram thingy but that might not have been picked up by the scanner.

Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, I see nothing wrong with posting fake IDs. I think an employer has a right to know if they are hiring a lawbreaker and liar. I applaud your actions.

ScottKuma said...

Seeing as Armada is north of Detroit, the person probably would have used the "mitten map" gesture to show where it was.

Also, it's hardly "up north"'s in the SE portion of the state.

(From a person who lived about 20 miles SW of Armada, in Michigan)

crwl said...


Rachel said...

Armada isn't in the U.P. and the kid didn't say "the U.P". (Although I admit, in my years of ID'ing people from Michigan, all have presented me with the mitten- which I think is an adorable gesture). He also left when I offered to have the cops give his ID back, after he tried to BRIBE me. The Cali and NY licenses are really convincing, but all have the wrong texture- which obviously doesn't scan.
And those kids looked SO scared.

Notably, unlike confiscation #5, Peter had the brilliant idea to ask me to take his last name off the post so it wouldn't be tracked by google. He asked. I did it. It won't hurt him in the future. Fine.
I really don't have malicious intent here.

Rachel said...

Oh, and we sell mostly Belgian beers. Some Belgians, due to the price of importing them and our wholesale prices, cost 10-12$ a pint. Delirium for instance, costs 12 a pint. It's really not that expensive if you drink in Manhattan. Budweiser costs $6 at some bars- and has less than half the alcohol of some of our lighter beers.

Come by and I'll show you, if you have ID.

Anonymous said...

I'm a former resident of mid-michigan (flint area, born and raised) and of legal drinking age :)... but if you had asked me where Armada, Michigan was I wouldn't have known either. Can you tell me where Peck, Michigan is without hitting Google Maps? ;)

And I've never done the stupid mitten thing either. My grade school teachers did that, it was dumb then and it's dumb now.

Anonymous said...

Interesting site, and I'm glad you are able to detect the fake ID's.

But don't you think the 21 year old drinking age in this country is rather stupid? (Speaking as one who came of age in 1984 when it was raised from 18.)

I mean really, why shouldn't an adult be able to drink in a adult bar? Why should they be forced to drink illegally?

Wil said...

Whether or not the 21 year old drinking age is stupid or not, it's the law. You try to use a fake ID, you get caught, it gets confiscated - big fucking deal. You gambled and lost. Whining about the unfairness of being able to die for your country but not destroy your liver isn't going to change it,

Anonymous said...

Wil, assuming you were responding to me (commenting that the drinking age is stupid), as I noted, I'm over 40 years old. I don't need a fake ID, I can drink legally, thank you very much.

Nor did I say that there is anything wrong with *enforcing* the existing law, or that Rachel here shouldn't be vigilent about protecting her license.

All I have done is advocate that the law be changed. People who "whine about being able to die for their country but not destroy their liver" are doing exactly the same thing. The ability to engage in public discourse about political issues of this sort is what makes this country great.

Do you personally think that it is a good law, or would you change it if you could? I'm curious to learn your thoughts.

I'm particularly curious what Rachel thinks. Does she think it is a good law, or should the drinking age be something higher or lower?

Michigan Escapee said...

For $150 they can't use the right thickness or lamination layer design ? That's crazy, the michigan ID is dirt simple these days. The old style one had a complex pattern(the two deer holding hooves like on the state seal) repeated on the lamination layer. And a random town name ? Come on! Put down Detroit or a suburb, of if you are feeling like a hardcore bad boy, Flint michigan. Now rated 2nd most dangerous city in america, where the cop cars travel in pairs in case one of them starts taking fire.
Only risk is, if they find a real Flint native who asks them to compare stab/bullet wounds. Course anyone who works around cars has a collection of wounds that can pass for either. Blob of white hot arc welding metal down a gauntlet, yep, .25 cal bullet, short range. 8 inch sheet metal cut because your buddy let loose his side of the car hood, yep, machette cut, just missed the vital organs. 3/4 inch hole that looks like someone yanked a whole rebar through your leg. Ah yes, white tail season, of 98, buddy just missed a 12 pointer. He wouldda made it on dat 9th shot I tell ya what. ;)

Nate said...

""I'm a former resident of mid-michigan (flint area, born and raised) and of legal drinking age :)... but if you had asked me where Armada, Michigan was I wouldn't have known either. Can you tell me where Peck, Michigan is without hitting Google Maps? ;)""

Then you'd say 'I don't know'. You wouldn't lie about weither or not you knew it.

Think about it.

That's how you catch a lier, force them to lie. If he wasn't a lier and he didn't know he would of said he didn't know.

These kids were dipshits. They were trying to do something that would cause a person to loose their employment, possibly ruin a carreer. Definately trying to do something that would potentially ruin the life of the people that owned and operated that bar.

They DESERVE to get fined and even go to fucking jail for forging identity papers. I am sure that this is at least a misdominer.

I've gone to jail, and I deserved it for being a dipshit. It was only a weekend, but I learned my lesson.

Lesson is:
1. Don't do something illegal if you want to avoid going to jail.
2. If you still want to do something illegal don't be a moron about it.

If these people are found in a google search 10 years from now and are denied employment at some freaking bank...

Guess what...

THEY DESERVE IT. You don't try to fuck over somebody else for your own enjoyment, just so you can get a cheap buzz.

People are people. Not objects. Bar tenders are people, not objects to help you get drunk. They are not people to trick. It's not right to lie to them and try to deceive them.

That is bullshit behavior. Treat people with respect if you want to be treated with respect.

Treat people like tools and if your unlucky they'll shovel that disrespect right back into your faces and you have no right to complain about it.

Josh said...

Found your blog from Slashdot. The fake ID stuff is entertaining. Google tells me that the guy on the lower left has a really rich dad. (As does the girl who got you all of the attention.) I'm impressed with your fake ID detection skills. It must be a talent.

maurizio said...

Whoo, you have some big issues with alcohol in the US. Looks like they threat you as a terrorist if you server alcohol to underage people.
Anyway the Underage/Minor thing is dumb. If you are not a minor anymore, why you can't drink beer? I thought that when you stop being a minor, you should be able to decide yourself for your life..

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine, who was in his 30s at the time, went to a bar in NYC that refused to serve him due to an alleged fake ID. Granted he looks young, but not _that_ young. Have you ever been handed a fake that that said they were born in the 60s? Needless to say the bartender gave him back his (Virginia) License and just refused to serve him.

Anonymous said...

I think it was totally over the top to KEEP their id's. Of course you can't serve them, but why not just tell them you will not serve them, and to never come back? But to keep them is really unnecessary. Got a little surge of power from that? Why don't you join the police force instead if that's the kind of thing that floats your boat?

By the way, I'm 35. Just so you don't think only 19 year old kids would disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

When showing people where I was born in the U.P., I use both my right and left hands. Showing the right hand with the palm facing you works for the lower peninsula. Holding the left hand with the palm facing you, with the thumb at the top works for the upper peninsula, though it's a bit more of a stretch because the proportions aren't quite right. The left thumb represents the Keewena peninsula at the top of the U.P..

Ivan said...

It is a retarded law but it is the law and like someone else said they gambled and lost.

Anonymous said...

Some of my friends in the army, while they were still underage, found that producing a military ID was always good enough to allow them to drink.

Rhialto said...

Being from a country where one can buy lighter alcoholic drinks from 16 years, and get a driving license from 18 (and buy spirits), I have always found it very, very strange that there is a country where they reversed that order.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun read! Would not have been very interesting without your storytelling. BTW, in Michigan the first three digits of the ID number are the "soundex" of the last name. Sullivan = 415, not 335. I can tell it's a fake without further scrutiny.

Jonathan said...

"You're not a doctor, you're a bar tender. Get over yourself."

I second that.

i am having a lot of trouble seeing why you would post this story. I understand you have no control over the law and I respect your right to enforce it. That said, do you not agree that it is a draconian law? You can get married but can't drink on your wedding night,... etc? If so, then the only reason I can think that you would post such a thing is to embarrass these kids. Even if you do not post their names you are still acting like a high school bully using other people's misfortunes to build yourself up. If, on the other hand, you do agree with the law and thus think these kids are "bad" then I would love to hear why.

If it somehow matters, I am a 25 year old Canadian from Ontario where the drinking age is 19 and now living in Quebec where it is 18.

Anonymous said...

Man, what a pain in the ass you are. You didn't have to take those kids IDs away, it was obviously a kick you got. Sad, really.

Why don't you go yell at some little kids that endanger your livelihood by selling lemonade on the street without a permit. The nerve! Don't they realize that they could be subject to health law violations? Allowing them to continue endangers your fellow citizens. Report them, citizen!

Lighten up, you fucking cunt. I wouldn't drink at your stupid $10 beer bar anyway...

Anonymous said...

The Cali ones look very good, but they are still obviously fakes. The numbers at the bottom do not verify. Also the DL numbers on both IDs are nearly identical. The creator has access to great materials but is lazy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I don't know where Armada, Michigan is, either; but hopefully someone who purports to live there could locate it without too much hesitation.

Alexsandyr Troutnoodler said...

I especially love how "Peter Sullivan"'s ID says "RESTRICTIONS: CORRECTIVE LENSES", and he's not wearing glasses in the picture.

If you have to wear glasses to drive, then you need to wear them in the photo so the officer knows when he pulls you over.

As for the whole "old enough to die for their country" line? I wasn't aware that the ability to die was a pre-requisite for legal drinking in most states. I don't think I want to be in a place where they have to put THAT to the test before serving me a beer...

Tyler said...

Like many of the commenters here, I'm routed via /. Hopefully your blog will stay up under what'll probably be a bit of a deluge, but anyway.... While I agree the law is on your side, I'm curious what the psychological motivation is for the joy your clearly feel at catching out these kids. Did you have a bad fake ID experience in your childhood? Did a fake ID take your lunch money every day when you were in school? I mean, hey, it's your blog, and clearly these kids wronged coming into your bar...and trying to buy beer. So yeah, good luck in your continued crusade to out them and get your revenge. And then you went online and did some research on that girl and posted her info on your blog... That's just wrong. Whether she used her real name or not, you went and dug up some dirt on her, before she even tried to make trouble for you. I guess you probably think that guy who posted a fake listing on CL as a submissive girl looking for a dominant daddy, then put every pic and response up in a wiki page was in the right too?

Anonymous said...

Just something to note...
These idiots should at least research the license info..
The NY license was issued on a SUNDAY..LOL
It's great to know that the NY DMV Office in NYC is open for business on a Sunday! Government is really bending over backwards to serve us!
If I was working in a bar.. I would have never thought of doing this. Kudos..Keep on doing it.

Damage_Manual said...

The Michigan ID should have a smaller version of the image in under the "expires" date.

Zaphod said...

Right on, Rachel. I would have done the exact same thing. Kids don't care if you get your liquor license revoked, or if you lose your job, as long as they get a buzz. I wish you would have had a camera on hand to have gotten a shot of their terrified faces right before they bolted...

Thomas Frost said...

"Up north"?? Cheboygan is up north. Armada's a Detroit suburb, fer chrissakes.

Now, if he'd said "U.P."...maybe.

Anonymous said...

I work for a major arena in the Detroit area.
We don't even think twice to take a fake ID.
There are also a number of guides to current licenses and how to identify fake ID's.

Thomas Frost said...

"Up north"?? Cheboygan is up north. Armada's a Detroit suburb, fer chrissakes.

If he'd said "U.P." I might have bought it.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know it isn't the bartenders job to be so vigilant about spotting fake IDs. When they do stings on bars, they present real IDs, which clearly show the person trying to buy is under age. They don't make elaborate and expensive fake IDs and then throw you in the slammer when you can't spot them.

That's just not realistic.

If you like taking peoples IDs away, and soaking in the attention you get from talking about it online, do it... just don't make it sound like you're some noble warrior from "the neighborhood" who's out to save all your homies in the service industry. That's ridiculous.

steve said...

Again. I have nothing but support for your efforts here. These kids haven't the least bit of concern that you could lose your job and possibly face litigation as a result of serving alchohol to an underage person. I really wish the law would pursue punitive action against these kids with the same level of enthusiam they pursue establishments and wait staff who serve underage persons. This would really help contain this type of behavior. If these kids have as much to lose as does the estbalishment then we wouldn't even have to be debating this.

joel said...

i think everyone should back off of her. so she kept the id's, who cares? so some underaged nyu pricks can't buy beers/drinks in her bar. again, who cares?

i don't think the laws make sense, but they didn't ask me when they made the law, now did they?
I bet they didn't ask her either.

maybe she didn't HAVE to keep the id's, but its funnier that she did. i'm at an age where i hate underage pricks. i'm old at 27... but then again, i've hated underage pricks since i WAS an underage prick.

i tried to buy at bars/pubs before i was 21, but if they wouldn't serve, i can't blame them for it. if they'd kept my id, sure, i would've been pissed about it. but thats the gamble i took. i remember a friend who did get carded, they could tell it was fake, & they kept it. whatever, she got over it.

bottom line, keep doing what your doing. to hell with anyone who doesn't like it. yea, they're entitled to their opinions. but opinions are like assholes, everyone's got them, & they're usually stinky...

Anonymous said...

I lived in the Upper Lower Peninsular area by Traverse City and I loved it when liar people people got confused and use the wrong hand as a map and it looked like muskegon had a boner. Happened at the bar more than once.

Funny story anyway.


Anonymous said...

The law puts most of the onus for underage drinkers and fake ID's on the staff and establishment where I live.
The minor may get a ticket with a relatively small fine.
The club gets hit with a major fine ($30,000 last time), the server, owner, bartender and door go to jail and get a criminal record and loss of license.
The ID game is an attempt to rob us of our livelihood and freedom.
Don't piss and moan when I play for keeps, you're lucky I don't slip out the backdoor and kick your ass.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your taking the ID's wholeheartedly. Honestly, anyone who wants to be so stupid as to GO TO A BAR while underage deserves a weekend in jail. I mean c'mon - get one of your buddies to buy you a 12-pack and hang out on the roof or something.

By-the-by, I just recently turned 21, and NEVER tried to buy anything I wasn't of legal age to buy.

Michael said...

Good job. There are easy ways to tell that the Cali IDs are fake.

1. The red line doesn't extend all the way to the edge.
2. The spaces after the colons are actually only half-spaces.
3. The words "DRIVER LICENSE" should be in a darker blue than "CALIFORNIA".
4. The font size for the address should be noticeably smaller than the name and smaller than the statistics.
5. Both licenses show "235 RB FD/10" at the bottom. I know mine is different. It's possible that they may be the same if from the same DMV, but considering the different cities, I would think that they be different.

I think taking away the IDs is a good thing. It's illegal for them to possess them and it prevents them from using the IDs elsewhere.

Scott said...

Your confiscating & posting of the fake ID's is GREAT! These little snot nosed twinkies care not one iota about risking other people's livlihoods.

As for all of the "anonymous" posters railing against your actions. Screw them. Since they lack the personal or moral courage to put their name or ID on a post, give their comments the attention they so rightly deserve.

Russell VT said...

HaHa! GREAT story... my fiance's from Michigan and, yep, "everyone knows where they live based on the palm of your hand."

For the anonymous U.P. person, Armada's near Detroit: about as far away from the U.P as you can get... anyone living in the U.P. also usually knows "it's the U.P." and refers to it as such (people who also tend to refer to at least "northern michigan" residents as "trolls" (since they live under the bridge).

For me, I live in California... all good observations from Michael, above, but what amused me most about the California IDs is that the issue dates on the IDs are four months apart, but the serial numbers only differ by 300... you can't tell me that the CA DVM only issues an average of 2 to 3 IDs/DLs a day.

But great catch, Rachel! I love it! Keep them coming and don't let these people dissuade you... these kids deserve to have their "stories" posted.

Warlock said...

Another easy way to tell the California DLs were fake - the photo was on the wrong side.

Both of mine I could dig up (current + expired) have the photo in the bottom LEFT. State IDs, on the other hand, have the photo on the right as the scans show.

mhearne said...

The first time I drank at a party, I didn't feel much of anything at all, but I felt compelled to put on an act.

The drinking age was lowered to 18 here in Texas for a short time, and all they could get was 3.2 beer. Even though they weren't really that stoned, they just had to put on an act.

I suppose that is how a kid learns. But to associate asinine behaviour with drinking is just wrong. It causes all sorts of problems that shouldn't exist.

Then, in 1980, MADD came along, and even the drunks cheered; after all, it was for the "children".

Then, the drug war came along and was combined with MADD. After that, the teaching was that drugs were just another form of drunkeness, and that it was all the same thing.

Now the kids are being taught that there is no difference between a can of beer, and a rock of crack. This has all gone too far, and it needs to be stopped and corrected.

I applaud Rachel for posting the fake ID's. Those kids should not be allowed to sue her for doing it either. As an aside, I started smoking pot when I was 15, because I could not get alcohol.

The drug warriors should be exposed and prosecuted, they have done much more harm than good.

ryan said...

To the comment about corrective lenses: Last I checked, contact lenses were tough to spot in pictures. And now that I think of it, my old ID (with requirement to wear prescription lenses) had a picture of me without them. But yeah, it's probably not that well thought out.

Frankly, I think losing their fake IDs is an insufficient punishment. They get mad, it costs them the replacement cost of those fakes, but I don't think they learn a lesson. They're lucky to get off so light. My sympathy for people upset that they were caught endangering the livelihoods of others is nil. Good job! Let's see some more of these.