Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fake ID confiscation #3

Oh Kathleen O'Brien.. what terribly unjust irony that your fake Id would be confiscated on St. Patrick's Day. Sure, it had that eagle/authentic hologram, but it was totally fake. Maybe you claimed you'd "been in my position before" and "understood", but could I give you your ID back anyway? No. You haven't been in my position, because you are not old enough to ever have bartended in the east village. You're spiteful glare and frustrated "Have a nice life!" as you walked out the door, proved how mature you are. Maybe one day you'll understand. Maybe after you're 21.


Mistah MRB said...

The girl in this picture looks Amazingly Like (tm) the girl in this picture. What's the story?

Billfred said...

I'm a South Carolinian, completely untrained in the art of spotting fake IDs, and even I could spot that one a mile away. At least seven obvious flaws from just a cursory glance at my own (very real) license.

Thumbs-up for doing this--underage drinking aside, our state has enough image problems as it is without people posing as residents!

phil.bachman said...

Hey, I think I know her!

Anonymous said...

I like that this license was issued on Sunday 4/15/2001

marsman57 said...

To back up what Billfred said and to help you identify future IDs from SC here is a link to my real one (with potentially dangerous personal information obfuscated).

Here are some of the many ways it appears to be fake:
1. Name format should be last, first middle.
2. There is no dash in the zip and the +4.
3. Signature in the wrong place.
4. License class not listed.
5. Eye color should not be listed.
6. SC licenses seem from my experience to last for 5 (or 10) years past your next birthday after the issuing date. So hers should have expired either 10/29/2006 or 10/29/2011 (though 2011 is not an option really because 10 years weren't available in 2001).
7. No signature by the governor is present or restrictions list.
8. Picture is not the right size., SCDL pictures are square with a red border.
9. The DL# isn't believable. All DLs I have seen start with 011 or something very low similarly. This *may* not be fullproof though as it could vary by region of the state.
10. There should be a Departmnet of Motor Vehicles line.
11. SCDLs issued to anyone under 21 or under 18 (my wife got her license renewed like 4 days before her 21st b-day and still had it) have a marker along with the date that the person turns 18/21. This one should have had one as it was issue when she was 17.
12. It is hard to tell in the picture, but SCDLs also have an additional hologram that looks like the state of SC and says "SC" in the center.