Saturday, February 3, 2007

Wasted Dude Wisdom

Last night there were many things going on at the castle.
It was an action-packed night of regulars, new people, and weird things being said.
The last call stumblers-in who ordered a round of delirium tremens which they never actually drank included a really drunk guy. He wanted to know my opinions on "the dirty south", tried to convince my friend Eric that it was a great idea to smoke a pen, and tried to make diagrams of his love for Edie Sedgwick. His diagrams, the few that remained when he left, falling over the porch wall, were the four to left. I expect more.
More interestingly, I was chattin with the amazing techkids who hang out drinkin good beers, and one of them works for my favorite magazine. Possibly, if he wasn't too drunk to remember the conversation, I'll end up interning there. All my dreams fulfilled. One night. Bam.

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