Friday, February 2, 2007

Fake ID confiscation #1

As usual, Thursday found me pulling pints at the castle.
I ID'd some kids who came in, and had to confiscate this totally bad fake.
Poor girl, I'm sure she spent $130 here.
But I'm liable, and hell no.
My sympathy for the young does not extend to things that will cost me thousands of dollars and maybe my job too.

Things to consider about ID's:
-any hologram that says "authentic" isn't
-bar codes are straight at the top
-arizona IDs expire when you are in your sixties
-a "residrivers liscence" isn't real
-if your signature is in a bleeding ink, everyone can spot that it's not real.
-an eagle hologram would be strange, for a state made of deserts.
-it doesn't even look like anything close to a real arizona ID

But it's mine now. And yes, I'm starting a collection.


Randy said...

It sorta-semi looks like the old AZ license, if you overlook all its other flaws. And yup, the two AZ licenses I have had both expire in 2032.

"Putnam Rd." is a strange name for a road in Phoenix. Most, if not all the roads in Phoenix are labeled N/S or E/W. The whole valley is a gigantic grid. Plus the name "Putnam" just isn't very Arizonan.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating peek into the work life of the bartender -- thank you for sharing. I like the quip about $10 not even buying some of the beers you serve -- sounds like my kind of place. Perhaps the kids would have better luck if they stuck to places that only serve Coors/MGD/Bud. Take it easy, and good luck with the hoards from Slashdot. -scott

cmajumdar said...

I agree with scott,

I've found your fake ID posts very cool and interesting. Don't let others get you down, I think its very cool!


Colin said...

oh man you gotta love those "authentic" holograms. i should dig out some of my stack and share them with the world...

signine said...

Amusingly enough, how I would have spotted that one is that, unknown to most people, Arizona driver's licenses have a very peculiar feature: They don't expire until the driver's 60th birthday.

So no matter how real that thing looks, it expires sooner than 2045.

Jonathon said...

Regarding bleeding ink, can you elaborate? The signature on my license bled.

Russell VT said...

Oh geez... wonder what Google thinks of an illegal business using one of their gmail addresses.

These are hilarious, though! Keep up the good work! (and your stories DEFINITELY make these such-much-more-fun to read)

steve said...

Great website. Just remember that the new Az ID's (not driver's licenses) do not expire. There is no expiration date whatsoever on the ID, which has caused me more trouble than it is worth at airport "security". We are supposed to pop into the MVD every 12 years and get a new photo taken.