Tuesday, January 2, 2007

real estate

In 2006 my parents sold their house. The real estate agent bought a painting of mine that was in that house. It was nothing important, just a figure study I made in college. The woman told my mom that she wanted to sink her teeth into the round ass of the figure in the painting. She also said she'd been looking for something like that painting for years, to hang in her bedroom.

Yesterday Mom called with that concerned sound in her voice. Apparently the real estate lady got into some fight with her girlfriend, and shot the woman three times before killing herself. Mom said, " I thought she was a nice lady, I had no idea she was capable of this. I don't know what will happen to your painting though. I wonder why she even had a gun in the house. "

I wonder why Mom reads the obituaries on her days off. I hope the blood didn't get on the painting, but that's someone else's worry. A little soap and water should work.

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MS said...

There is an Artist's Happy New Year.
"One of your Special Collectors is a murderer, oh, and dead."

I say let's sell the puppy again.