Sunday, January 28, 2007

The people and their soil.

Maybe I spend my time working on the pressing deadlines I can't stop talking about. Or maybe I just read the best things I can find on the internet, like this article about nutrition. Unlike other articles on nutrition, it doesn't tell you to do stupid things, but explains why those things you've been doing are lame, and to eat some vegetables. It has some history in it too, so despite it's length, it's very interesting to read.

I wish I had room for a garden in my life.

Maybe when the landscape changes a little.

Back to work.


Anonymous said...

Rachel, this man is my thesis advisor. I've spent the last two years eating dinner at MIchael's house with him an d his beautiful painter wife and discussing the best way to ward off tomato pests. Good choice on best things to read on the internet.


Rachel said...

mm.. if remember from my youth, it was soapy water. But I guess things probably have advanced since then.