Monday, January 15, 2007

an afternoon stroll..

After a trip to the amazing 24 hour post office on 31st street yesterday, where I mailed off two applications (the official count is now up to four), I took a bit of a stroll.

First I flirted with the incredibly sexy fromagier at the chelsea whole foods, who asked me to meet him later for drinks. (This isn't surprising, since we live together.) I also found out that the cheese I had so enjoyed at last week's cheese tasting at burp castle was called el'rocketeer or something like that. Some sexy rocket cheese.

Then I got some 4dollar vegetable lo mein from a chinese food place. The east village lacks cheap chinese food, and it is a great regret of the neighborhood. Chelsea apparently lacks nothing.

Then I saw a brilliant sight.... a sale at the container store. Why oh why do I love the container store so much??? Usually I would only answer, the clearance section. (which is a wonder of the west side for sure) But a 30% off sale?? I took a catalog and spent this morning designing things to organize our rather not-luxurious closet space. But yesterday, I got new ice cube trays with bins to hold the ice, and some acrylic boxes missing lids to replant plants into, and a bunch of other stuff.

All the walking around reminded me that soon I will be taking a last minute trip to israel, with Shaw and Glidden, and probably need better shoes for this. See, I've been wearing these sweet fashionable rocket dog kicks, but they don't support my feet. I began again my general quest for shoes that look cool and can support my feet all day. This quest, like a similar quest for boots which look cool and can support my feet, is always fruitless.

Any shoes which look good (chucks, rocket dogs, etc etc) are shitty inside. They always lack support and wear out in about 2 months tops. But all the shoes that help your feet (birkenstocks, naots, clarks, etc etc) are homely beasts that do not represent me in shoe form. I'm just not that sensible and earthy. Or maybe I am but I don't want to show it.

Regardless, I have a pair of Naots which are heaven to stand in, but almost embarrassing to be seen in. When I returned home, I found my favorite pair of chicagans (who were visiting for the weekend) and discussed this problem.

Then we realized that the shoes were the same shape. So I ripped out the awesome cork liner interior of the naots, and the thin useless liner of the rocketdogs, and switched them.

Now I have the ultimate shoes ever. So if any shoe designers ever read this, I hope they can think to put some damn nice "I love my feet more than I love the earth or all hippies ever" cork insides into some rad looking shoes, because you could be a millionaire. Me, I don't want the money, I just want someone to make some good shoes so I don't have to deal with shopping for something that doesn't exist.


Cartooniste said...

I have to say that it is a real relief to see that a small track of your brain is devoted to problems of shoes. I feel like all I have blogged about for two months has been shoes.
I think I am about to become a Dr. Scholl's gel inserts dork. I think we should start a movement.

Rachel said...

I've tried every insert I can buy in every rite aid, eckerds, and assorted other pharmacy in the city. They last a few days, then nothing.

I say rip up some Naots. Really, it's worth it. The cork. You need the cork.