Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Make magazine I love you so.

The only copy I have of Make Magazine is volume 5. By "have" I mean, I lent it to my therapist- it means that much to me. It's the one with instructions on how to build your own wind-energy generator for less than 500 bucks. There are tons of other things in there, but that is #1 in impressing little It was given to me by a guy named Jeff.

Some fine attributes about Jeff:
  1. introduced me to Make Magazine.
  2. sublets his sweet little cheap apartment to my man-friend and I, for very little money in a really ideal local.
  3. left the 3-keg kegerator in the kitchen when he moved
  4. makes good homebrew
  5. is easy to talk to, even for 5 hours in a sports bar on a dead saturday night
  6. self-identifies as "sleazy" but isn't.
  7. knows more about Futurama than my own boyfriend
  8. plays board games you haven't heard of
  9. left green lantern and "bite me fan boy" pins in the most strange places in this apt
  10. owns part of a fancy coffee bar/lifestyle center in Chicago where he now lives
But Jeff aside, there's make.

I've fallen in love with Make magazine. (see the scrolling feed at the bottom of the page, oh yes, that's make feed. ) And they sent me a christmas present. I bought several subscriptions for people's holiday presents, and one of them was supposed to get the Make Reference guide. Instead they sent it to me, the billing address. And I LOVE IT.

Ask me anything. Standards, measures, conversions. If there's a reference chart I think it's in there.

I'm utterly amazed.
And I'm awaiting my subscription, hoping that the gift ones don't all arrive on my doorstep.

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Anonymous said...

"Bite me fanboy!" pins?

Wow. I wonder if I still have my. They were from a promo for DC's Lobo comic back in '92...? '93? Great stuff.